Charlie Haden With Paul Motian and Gonzalo Rubalcaba

Updated June 26, 2020 | Infoplease Staff

The Montreal Tapes

  • Verve

With Verve's recent release, we can all enjoy a great live jazz concert, one of eight performed in tribute to Charlie Haden. Each member of the trio is at his best in this performance: Haden plucks feverishly at his bass in many memorable solos, all the while providing steady yet subtle rhythms; Rubalcaba shows off his incredible versatility as a pianist, at times tapping into his instrument's thunderous percussive nature and in the next minute, stroking its soft underbelly; and Motian, a drummer built for trio format, trades sublime solos and astute rhythms. For those not fortunate enough to attend the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal on July 3, 1989, there is hope.

J. Andrew Todd

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