Big Momma's House

Updated June 26, 2020 | Infoplease Staff
Director:Raja Gosnell
Writers:Darryl Quarles and Don Rhymer
20th Century Fox; PG-13; 97 minutes
Cast:Martin Lawrence, Nia Long, Paul Giamatti

Alleged terrorist Osama Bin Laden has launched an intifada against all Americans, or at least, he clarified in a recent interview, all Americans who pay their taxes. Laden and his many followers believe that the entire U.S. system is corrupt, infectiously so. With Nutty Professor 2 and Big Momma's House, I'm starting to find myself agreeing with many points of the extremist's argument. The latter is Martin Lawrence's new movie. Like Eddie Murphy's Nutty Professor series, he assumes the role of a wiry, fast-talking black man who undergoes gross physical transformations playing off stereotypes of blacks' appetites, in every sense of the term. In this instance, the scanty plot posits Lawrence as a law enforcement officer who must pretend to be the overweight grandmother of Sherry (Nia Long) in order to trap her and her larcenous boyfriend.

If a parade of potty humor aimed at fat people, flatulence, and sex drives seems appealing, then Big Momma's House may be the movie for you.

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