Updated June 26, 2020 | Infoplease Staff
Director/Writer: John Schultz
Director of Photography:Shawn Maurer
Editor:John Pace
Music:Greg Kendall
Production Designer:Irina Rivera
Producers:Alyson Poole and John Schultz
Cinepix Film Properties; NR; 99 minutes
Cast:Kevin Corrigan, Steve Parlavecchio, Lee Holmes, Matthew Hennessey and Doug MacMillan

A dead-on depiction of the comic trials and tribulations of a garage band with lots of ambition and personalities fit for, well, rock and roll. The film follows the often hilarious exploits of Circus Monkeys (the names Fungus, Lunch Box and Potato Face were options) from the time they band together to their first “tour.” A slight indie film, but one worth a look for anyone who's ever plugged in and dreamed of becoming the next Pearl Jam.

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