Autumn Tale

Updated June 26, 2020 | Infoplease Staff
Director/Writer:Eric Rohmer
October Films; 110 minutes; NR
Cast:Beatrice Romand, Marie Riviere, Alexia Portal

The latest offering from French director Eric Rohmer is as lazy and sweetly symmetrical as a perfect cluster of grapes. Autumn Tale upholds his usual procedure: intellectual Europeans gravitating in and out of love with robust characterization, elegant design, and an unhurried pace. Magali (Beatrice Romand) is a fortysomething single who runs a countryside winery. Loneliness has crept upon her. The girlfriend of Magali's son (Alexia Portal) and her best friend (Marie Riviere) simultaneously begin seeking Mr. Right for the autumnal Algerian beauty. Choreographed entanglements ensue, but Rohmer imparts a pattern to the knots of love and solitude. Plotted romance mingles with light satire to create a fine, character-driven film.

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