Albino Alligator

Updated June 26, 2020 | Infoplease Staff
Director: Kevin Spacey
Writer: Christian Forte
Director of Photography: Mark Plummer
Editor: Jay Cassidy
Music: Michael Brook
Production Designer: Nelson Coates
Producers: Brad Krevoy, Steve Stabler and Brad Jenkel
Miramax; R; 105 minutes
Release: 1/97
Cast: Matt Dillon, Faye Dunaway, Gary Sinise, William Fichtner, Joe Mantegna, Viggo Mortensen and Skeet Ulrich

A cool, stylish genre film from a cool, stylish actor turned director. A botched late-night burglary turns a trio of two-bit New Orleans thieves into cop-killers. Mistaken for international gunrunners, the three are chased by ATF agents to Dino's Last Chance Saloon. Once inside the bar, Dova (Dillon), his brother Milo (Sinise) and their sadistic accomplice (Fichtner) take the patrons hostage. What follows is a tense, dark morality tale about the choices people make when survival is at stake. Dunaway puts in a strong performance as the cagey barmaid Janet Boudreau, a woman with a secret. In his directorial debut, Spacey's lighting and camera work to create a claustrophobic, film-noirish atmos-
phere. Though predictable and slow at times, the film redeems itself with a stirring climax.

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