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Love Is Here

  • Capitol

Starsailor has become England's most celebrated new band of late, thanks no doubt to three big U.K. singles.

That trio of tracks, the breakthrough “Fever,” the uplifting “Good Souls,” and the darker “Alcoholic,” showcase the songwriting skills of 21-year-old James Walsh, whose soaring vocals and keen sense of melody shine throughout his band's impressive U.S. debut.

There's nothing gimmicky about Love Is Here.

Starsailor's influences run the gamut—from Tim Buckley—the group took its name from one of his albums—to Jeff Buckley, Neil Young, Nick Drake, and others. And if you're searching for a musical reference, there's something definitely here for fans of some single-named European rockers such as Travis, Hors, and James. The songs are meticulously crafted, occasionally dreamy but filled with enough toughness—check out “Talk Her Down”—that they flow forth with a soulful resonance.

Kevin O'Hare

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