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Updated September 9, 2022 | Infoplease Staff
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Facts & Figures

  • Official name: Republic of Kosovo (Republika e Kosovës)

    Land area: 4,203 sq mi (10,887 sq km)

    Total area: 4,203 sq mi (10,887 sq km)

    President: Hashim Thaci (Since 2016)

    Prime Minister: Ramush Haradinaj (Since 2017)

    Capital: Pristina, 0.21 million (2018)

    Currency: Euro


    Population: 1,907,592 (July 2018 est.)

    Nationality/Demonym: Kosovar

    Languages: Albanian (official) 94.5%, Bosnian 1.7%, Serbian (official) 1.6%, Turkish 1.1%, other 0.9% (includes Romani), unspecified 0.1% (2011 est.)

    Note: in municipalities where a community's mother tongue is not one of Kosovo's official languages, the language of that community may be given official status according to the 2006 Law on the Use of Languages

    Ethnicity/race: Albanians 92.9%, Bosniaks 1.6%, Serbs 1.5%, Turk 1.1%, Ashkali 0.9%, Egyptian 0.7%, Gorani 0.6%, Romani 0.5%, other/unspecified 0.2% (2011 est.)

    Note: these estimates may under-represent Serb, Romani, and some other ethnic minorities because they are based on the 2011 Kosovo national census, which excluded northern Kosovo (a largely Serb-inhabited region) and was partially boycotted by Serb and Romani communities in southern Kosovo

    Religions: Muslim 95.6%, Roman Catholic 2.2%, Orthodox 1.5%, other 0.07%, none 0.07%, unspecified 0.6% (2011 est.)

    Literacy rate: 99.7% (2015 est.)


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