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Updated September 9, 2022 | Infoplease Staff
Boni Forms New Government without a Prime Minister


In August 2013, President Boni fired his entire cabinet, including Prime Minister Pascal Koupaki. Part of the reason Boni dismissed his government was due to the allegations that some of them had been linked to Patrice Talon, a Benin businessman accused of trying to poison him.

Boni replaced every member of his government except for the position of prime minister. A statement from the office of the president said that Boni opted not to have a prime minister at this time. Boni and former Prime Minister Koupaki had a history of disagreements.

In June 2015, President Boni again appointed a new government. This time he included a prime minister, French-born financier Lionel Zinsou. A dual French-Beninese national, Zinsou has previously headed PAI Partners and served as an advisor to President Boni. As prime minister, Zinsou would lead the country in economic development and evaluate its public policies.

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