The Hindu (Indian National) Calendar

Updated August 5, 2020 | Infoplease Staff

The Indian National Calendar, often called the “Hindu Calendar,“ is based on both lunar and solar years. This calendar was introduced in 1957 in a government push for all of India to use the same calendar, but various traditional calendars are also used. The start of the Indian National Calendar year coincides with March 22, except in a leap year, when it coincides with March 21. The year is counted from the first year of the Saka era, in A.D. 78. The year 2010 translates to Saka era 1931-1932.

Month Number
of days
Caitra 30*
Vaisakha 31
Jyaistha 31
Asadha 31
Sravana 31
Bhadra 31
Asvina 30
Kartika 30
Agrahayana 30
Pausa 30
Magha 30
Phalguna 30
* In a leap year Caitra has 31 days.

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