Richest Americans

The following table lists the richest Americans by their net worth and the industry in which they earned their fortune.

picture of Bill Gates, the richest man in America

Bill Gates is the richest American
Source: AP Photo

RankNameNet WorthCompany
1.Bill Gates$81 billionMicrosoft
2.Jeff Bezos$67
3.Warren Buffett$65.5 billionBerkshire Hathaway
4.Mark Zuckerberg$55.5 billionFacebook
5.Larry Ellison$49.3 billionOracle
6.Michael Bloomberg$45 billionBloomberg LP
7.Charles Koch$42 billiondiversified
7.David Koch$42 billiondiversified
9.Larry Page$38.5 billionGoogle
10.Sergey Brin$37.5 billionGoogle
Source:, 2016

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