John P. Henebry Biography

Died: Sept. 30, 2007 (Evanston, Illinois)
Best Known as: pilot of low-level bombing missions

Innovative combat pilot who played a leading role in Army Air Forces' low-level bombing of Japanese ships in the South Pacific during World War II. He flew 219 missions in World War II piloting the B-25 Mitchell bomber, and helped plan “skip bombing“ attacks, which was a newly developed tactic. The low-level bombing method was more accurate than from high altitude, but dangerous and difficult to accomplish. He took part in two of the Fifth Air Force's most notable missions while stationed in New Guinea, and received the Distinguished Service Cross, the Army's highest award for valor after the Medal of Honor. After World War II he was promoted to brigadier general in the Air Force Reserve. He retired from the reserve as a two-star general in 1976.