Carlo Gambino Biography

Carlo Gambino

Born: 9/24/1902
Birthplace: Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Head of the Gambino crime family in New York City from 1957 until his death, Carlo Gambino was one of the most powerful mob bosses of his era. In 1921, already possessing a reputation for ruthlessness, he stowed away on a ship bound for the United States. He worked as a strong man for the Castellano family during the prohibition era, and nurtured ties to Joe Masseria, “ Lucky” Luciano, and Albert Anastasia. After Anastasia's death in 1957, Gambino took control of New York and eventually became known as the “Boss of Bosses”, the most powerful gangster in America. Unlike most gangsters of the '30s and '40s, Gambino kept a low profile, although he was close friends with Frank Sinatra. In 1970 he was indicted for hijacking and several attempts at deportation were stalled because of his failing health. Carlo Gambino died of a heart attack at his New York home in 1976.

Died: 10/15/1976