Bernard Moore Biography

Bernard Moore

Born: 1850
Birthplace: Staffordshire, England

After working with his brother in his father's business, Moore Brothers, the pair decided to sell the firm in 1905. Moore then went on to found his own firm (1905–15) and was later joined by his son. He specialized in developing innovative glazes for his ceramics, reviving the Ming dynasty practice of rouge flambes, and producing turquoise, sang-de-boeuf, crystalline, and aventurine glazes as well as fine lustres. His work was well known and he was often called upon to consult with British, European, and American firms. He became preoccupied with the health concerns of pottery workers and wrote a paper, which he delivered to the Ceramic Society in 1932, advocating changes in production practices to reduce the incidence of lung disease.

Died: 1935