Andrea Jung Biography

Andrea Jung

business executive
Born: 1959
Birthplace: Toronto, Canada

The oldest child of Chinese immigrants, Jung grew up speaking both English and Mandarin Chinese. Jung received a BA in English literature from Princeton University in 1979. After graduation, Jung joined the management trainee program at Bloomingdale's. She later joined I. Magnin, in San Francisco, becoming senior vice president and general merchandise manager, and then Neiman Marcus, in Dallas, as executive vice president. In 1993 Jung became a consultant for Avon, famous for selling beauty products door to door through sales representatives known as “Avon ladies.” A year later she became president of the product marketing group for the United States. In 1999 Jung became president and CEO and was elected chairman in 2001. Since Jung joined Avon, she has revamped the company, updating the product line, launching new advertising, and creating a new image. Sales have risen 30 %, profits 40%, and the stock price has dramatically improved. Avon is the second largest (after Hewlett-Packard) firm in the U.S. to be headed by a woman. Jung's husband, Michael Gould, is chairman and CEO of Bloomingdale's. They have two children.

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