Sudan Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members

Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
Date of Information: 9/26/2022[source]

Pres. Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir, Field Mar.
Prime Min. (acting) Osman Hussein
Min. of Agriculture & Irrigation Taher Harbi
Min. of Animal Resources & Fisheries Hafez Nabi
Min. of Antiquities, Tourism, & Wildlife Hamza Baloul
Min. of Cabinet Affairs Khaled Omar
Min. of Communications Hashem Hasabelrasoul
Min. of Culture & Information Hamza Baloul
Min. of Defense Yassin Ibrahim Yassin
Min. of Finance & National Economy Gibril Ibrahim
Min. of Foreign Affairs Mariam al-Mahdi
Min. of Foreign Trade Ali Jido
Min. of Gen. Education Mohammed el-Amin el-Tom
Min. of Religious Affairs Nasr al-Din Mufreh
Min. of Health Omar El Najeeb
Min. of Higher Education & Scientific Research Intisar el-Zein Soughayroun
Min. of Human Resources, Development, & Labor Taysir El Nourani
Min. of Industry Ibrahim El Sheikh
Min. of Interior Ezzeldin El Sheikh
Min. of Justice & Prosecutor Gen. Nasreldin Abdelbari
Min. of Science & Communications Hashem Hasabelrasoul
Min. of Transportation, Roads, & Bridges Mirghani Mousa
Min. of Water Resources & Electricity Yasser Abbas Mohamed Ali
Min. of Social Development Mutasim Ahmed Saleh
Min. of Youth & Sports Yousef El Dai
Head, Federal Bureau for Decentralization Hasabu Mohamed ABDEL RAHIM
Attorney Gen. Tag el-Sir el-Hibir
Governor, Central Bank of Sudan Badr El Din A. Ibrahim
Charge d'Affaires, Embassy, Washington John Ukec Lueth
Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Mohamed Ibrahim Elbahi