Crown Princess Masako Biography

Crown Princess Masako

Wife of Crown Prince Naruhito, heir to the Japanese throne
Born: 12/9/1963
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

Daughter of a Japanese diplomat, Masako Owada grew up in several countries, including the U.S. and the former Soviet Union. Receiving an undergraduate education in Moscow, New York, and Tokyo, the Crown Princess graduated from Belmont (Massachusetts) High School and from Harvard University in 1985 with an economics degree. She did graduate work at the University of Tokyo before entering the Japanese foreign service, where she worked on North American affairs. She married Crown Prince Naruhito, heir to Japan's Chrysanthemum Throne, in 1993. The Crown Princess had a baby girl, Princess Aiko, December 1, 2001. A change in Japanese law would be required for the baby to ascend to the throne since females are currently forbidden. Crown Prince Naruhito is the last male in the line. The Crown Princess speaks English, French, and German, and enjoys music, hiking, skiing, and tennis.