Chad Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members

Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
Date of Information: 8/2/2012

Pres. Idriss DEBY Itno
Prime Min. Emmanuel NADINGAR
Min. of Agriculture Albert Pahimi PADACKE
Min. of Civil Service, Labor, & Employment Abdoulaye ABAKAR
Min. of Commerce & Industry Youssouf ABASSALLAH
Min. of Communications & Spokesperson for the Govt. Kedallah YOUNOUS
Min. of Culture, Youth, & Sports Djibert YOUNOUS
Min. of Defense BICHARA Issa Djadallah
Min. of Economy & Urban Planning Mahamat Ali HASSAN
Min. of Environment & Fisheries Terap Kabak HASSAN
Min. of Finance & Budget Gata NGOULOU
Min. of Foreign Affairs, African Integration, & Intl. Cooperation Moussa FAKI Mahamat
Min. of Good Governance & Public Stabilization Ahmadaye Al-HASSAN
Min. of Higher Learning, Scientific Research, & Professional Training Ahmat TABOYE
Min. of Infrastructure Adoum YOUNOUSMI
Min. of Interior & Public Security Ahmat Mahamat BACHIR
Min. of Justice M'Bailou Naimbaye LOSSIMIAN
Min. of Livestock & Animal Husbandry Ahmat Rakhis MANANI
Min. of Mines & Energy Hassan SALINE
Min. of National Education Abderahim Younous ALI
Min. of Petroleum Mahamat Nasser HASSANE
Min. of Postal Service, New Technology, & Communications Jean Bawoyeu ALINGUE
Min. of Public Health Toufta BOGUENA
Min. of Social Action, Solidarity, & Family Ngarmbatina Carmel SOU IV
Min. of Territorial Development
Min. of Tourism Development Mahamat Allahou TAHER
Min. of Urban Planning & Housing Djimrangar DADNADJI
Min. of Water Ahmat Mahamat KARAMBAL
Min. in Charge of Auditing Govt. Depts. Mahamat Bechir OKORMI
Min. in Charge of Decentralization Hamid Mahamat DAHALOB
Min. in Charge of Human Rights Abderaman DJASNABAILLE
Min. in Charge of Microfinance & Poverty Reduction Fatime TCHOMBI
Min. & Sec. Gen. of the Govt., in Charge of Relations With the National Assembly Assia ABBO
Dep. Sec. Gen. of the Govt., in Charge of Relations With the National Assembly Ousmane Moussa MAHAMAT
Sec. of State for Agriculture Mariam ATTAHIR
Sec. of State for the Economy & Urban Planning, in Charge of Microfinance & Poverty Azziza BAROUD
Sec. of State for Environment, in Charge of Rural Hydraulics & Livestock Tahar SOUGOUDI
Sec. of State for Finance, in Charge of the Budget Habiba SAHOULBA
Sec. of State for Foreign Relations, Intl. Cooperation, & African Integration Mahamat BECHIR Okormi
Sec. of State for Higher Education Yaya DJABAYE
Sec. of State for Infrastructure, in Charge of Transport Mahamat Mahamadou ADDY
Sec. of State for the Interior Bichara Issa DJADALLAH
Sec. of State for National Defense, in Charge of War Veterans & Victims Hassan Saleh Al Gadam AL-DJINNEDI
Sec. of State for National Education, in Charge of Basic Education Khadidja HASSABALLAH
Sec. of State for Public Health Mahadie Outhman ISSA
Sec. of State for Social Action Naima ABDELMOUTI
Sec. of State for Urban Development and Housing Raoul Laouna GONG
Ambassador to the US Maitine DJOUMBE
Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Ahmad ALLAM-MI