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Junius Kellogg

Age: 71

college basketball player at CCNY-Manhattan who blew the top off a point-shaving scandal in the late 1940s which led to the arrest of seven players on City College's 1950 NCAA-NIT double-championship team; after the team captain approached Kellogg with the idea of shaving points, Kellogg told the head coach who then contacted the authorities. The investigation revealed that between 1947-50, 86 games had been fixed; Kellogg, who was a 6-10 center and the first black player in the school's history, finished school after serving in the Army during the Korean War; joined the Harlem Globetrotters in 1953; a year later was paralyzed in a car accident and spent four years in the hospital; he spent the rest of his life working for New York City agencies, coaching wheelchair athletes and making motivational speeches; of respiratory failure

Died: New York, Sept. 16, 1998

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