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Harry Caray

(Harry Christopher Carabina)
Age: 83

legendary radio/TV broadcaster best remembered for his oversized, black-rimmed glasses and outgoing personality that earned him the title "Mayor of Rush Street" – a nightclub district in Chicago; spent 53 years broadcasting baseball games for St. Louis, Oakland, and most memorably the Chicago White Sox and Cubs; during his 27 years in Chicago (11 with the Sox, 16 with the Cubs) Caray made the seventh-inning stretch almost as interesting as the game, crooning "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" in his own off-key strain with the rest of the fans; a stroke in 1987 caused him to miss his first game and he sat out the first six weeks of the season; in 1989 he was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame; his son Skip broadcasts Braves games and grandson Chip is a studio host for Fox Sports; of cardiac arrest

Died: Rancho Mirage, Calif., Feb. 18, 1998.

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