Robert Culp Biography

Born: 8/16/30
Died: 3/24/2010 (Hollywood Hills, Calif.)
Best Known as: actor who played Kelly Robinson in I Spy

Veteran actor Robert Culp found fame in television, beginning as Texas Ranger Hoby Gilman in the western Trackdown, and capping his career with regular appearances as Ray Romano's father-in-law in the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond. He also portrayed Bob in the 1969 sexually charged comedy film comedy Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice. But Culp's greatest acting legacy is his role as Kelly Robinson, starring alongside Bill Cosby's Alexander Scott, in the classic action-adventure-comedy series I Spy, which ran from 1965-1968. I Spy made history as the first American dramatic series with a racially integrated cast. Both Culp and Cosby were nominated for acting Emmys in each of I Spy's three seasons, with Cosby coming out the victor each time. Culp, 79, died after suffering a head injury while walking outside his Hollywood Hills home.