Percy Granger Biography

Percy Granger

(Percival Harkness Granger III)
Born: 1946
Birthplace: Ithaca, New York

The author of such acclaimed plays as Eminent Domain, Percy Granger graduated with honors from Harvard and worked as an actor before focusing on a writing career. His satirical play The Complete Works of Studs Edsel, about an overeducated young lawyer, debuted in 1972 and immediately established Granger as a wry observer of human foibles. Each of Granger's plays premiered regionally; the first to reach Broadway, Eminent Domain, did so in 1982. Meanwhile, he was a staff writer for the soap operas Loving and As the World Turns—a genre he lampooned in his play Scherezade.

Died: 3/10/1997

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