Jimi Hendrix Biography

Jimi Hendrix

(James Marshall Hendrix)
rock musician, guitarist
Born: 11/27/1942
Birthplace: Seattle, Washington

Rock musician and guitarist best known for his masterful maneuvering of the electric rock guitar. A gifted singer and songwriter, Hendrix was not just a rock musician. His roots were in the blues, R&B, and soul, and he spent many years prior to his superstardom as a backup guitarist in various blues and R&B groups. His debut album Are You Experienced was a product of his group the Jimi Hendrix Experience, formed in 1967. Hendrix died of drug related problems only four years after he became an international sensation. Other albums include Axis: Bold as Love (1967) and Electric Ladyland (1968).

Died: 9/18/1970

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