Helen Gurley Brown Biography

Helen Gurley Brown

magazine editor, writer
Born: 2/18/1922
Birthplace: Green Forest, Ark.

Helen Gurley studied at Texas State College for Women (now Texas Women's University) from 1939 to 1941, and at Woodbury Business College in 1942. She worked as an advertising copywriter for several years. In 1959 she married David Brown, a movie producer. In 1962 her best-selling book, Sex and the Single Girl, caused a sensation. Another book, Sex and the Office, appeared in 1964. Brown also began writing a newspaper column, “Woman Alone.” In 1965 she was named editor of Cosmopolitan magazine. Brown redesigned the publication for young women. Circulation and advertising revenue soared, and Brown remained at the helm until 1996. She has also written five other books.

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