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Beach Boys

surfer sound rock group

One of the most popular and influential American rock 'n roll bands, The Beach Boys were founded by the three Wilson brothers. Known for their lush harmonies and rock 'n roll drive combined with lyrics about surfing, girls, and cars, the Beach Boys were the quintessential rock 'n roll band. They began their string of hits with “Surfin' Safari” in 1962, and followed with “California Girls”, “ Good Vibrations”, “I Get Around”, “Help me, Rhonda”, and “Wouldn't it be Nice”. The British invasion took a lot of wind out of their sails, though, and Pet Sounds (1966) may have been their creative zenith but was also a commercial flop. Internal fighting and Brian's emotional problems led to the band's decline.

Brian Wilson

songwriter, vocalist
Born: 6/20/1942
Birthplace: Inglewood, California

Carl Wilson

guitarist, vocalist
Born: 12/21/1946
Birthplace: Hawthorne, California
Died: 2/6/1998

Dennis Wilson

drummer, vocalist
Born: 12/4/1944
Birthplace: Hawthorne, California
Died: 12/28/1983

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