Alice in Chains Biography

Alice in Chains

rock group

By combining the gloomy lyrics of grunge bands with the hard edge of heavy metal, the group has managed to move beyond its roots in the Seattle sound. Their albums include Facelift (1990) and Dirt (1992), and they have appeared on movie soundtracks, including Last Action Hero (1992) and The Cable Guy (1996).

Layne Staley

lead singer
Born: 8/22/1967
Birthplace: Kirkland, Washington
Died: Seattle, 4/?/2002

Jerry Cantrell

guitarist, songwriter
Born: 3/18/1966
Birthplace: Tacoma, Washington

Released a solo album Boggy Depot (1998).

Mike Inez


Sean Kinney

Born: 5/27/1966

Sherman AlexieADebbie Allen
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