Barry Bonds Cast of Characters

Updated August 5, 2020 | Infoplease Staff

Those who surrounded Bonds during his most successful seasons

by Mark Zurlo

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While all-time homerun king Barry Bonds once again found himself in the national spotlight after being indicted on five felony charges in November 2007, the controversy surrounding the mark extends out to those who have associated with Bonds since the late 90s. From trainers whom the Giants did not trust to those he reportedly shared his secrets with, the cast of characters is a diverse group.

Kimberly Bell
Bond's ex-girlfriend who provided a firsthand account of Bond's steroid use in Game of Shadows.
Greg Anderson
The self-proclaimed "Weight Guru" who became Bond's personal trainer. Designed Bond's workout plans and allegedly provided him with steroids. Bonds would occasionally provide Anderson with $10,000 in cash, but he was not paid on a consistent basis. Anderson was jailed on two occasions for refusing to testify about his association with Bonds.
Dusty Baker
Bond's manager during his most productive seasons, Baker never questioned his star about his enormous muscle growth.
Arthur Ting
Bond's personal physician who treated torn tricep tendon in 1999.
Mark McGwire
Cardinals slugger who broke the single-season homerun record in 1998 and reportedly motivated Bonds to begin using steroids. Bonds would break McGwire's record in 2001.
Harvey Shields
Bond's stretching coach who was allowed in the Giants clubhouse.
Raymond Farris
Bond's running coach who was also allowed in the clubhouse.
Liz Watson
Bond's wife whom he married in 1998.
Victor Conte
Owner of the Bay Area Lab Cooperative (BALCO), a company which sold a legal substance called ZMA to the public while providing many world-class athletes with designer steroids. Bonds was introduced to Conte through Greg Anderson after the 2000 season. Conte reportedly provided Bonds with a day-by-day steroid program that was more advanced than anything Anderson could provide. When Conte's offices were raided in 2003, he cooperated with authorities and provided the names of his clients.
Jeff Novitzky
IRS Criminal Investigation unit agent who led the raid on BALCO in September of 2003.
James Valente
BALCO vice president who was the main contact and supplier of Greg Anderson. Valente also cooperated with federal agents at the BALCO raids.

Source:Game of Shadows by Mark Fainaru-Wasa and Lance Williams.

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