Words that End in "dous"

Updated March 1, 2017 | Infoplease Staff

The Question:

There are four words that end in "dous" in the English language and I can only come up with three - stupendous, tremendous and horrendous. Can you help me find the fourth?

The Answer:

The fourth common word you're looking for is "hazardous," but we can do better than four words! Here is a list of words from our site that end in "dous." Some are quite obscure, but all are English words. Enter any of the words in the search box on our site if you're curious about their meanings.

  • apodous
  • hazardous
  • horrendous
  • iodous
  • iridous
  • jeopardous
  • macropodous
  • molybdous
  • palladous
  • phyllocladous
  • podous
  • stupendous
  • tremendous
  • vanadous

-The Editors

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