The Wheel of Fortune Before Pat & Vanna

Updated May 5, 2017 | Infoplease Staff

The Question:

Before Vanna White & Pat Sajak there were two other hosts of Wheel of Fortune. One was Chuck Woolery. Who was the woman?

The Answer:

You are correct. Game show veteran Chuck Woolery was one of the first hosts of the show when it debuted on Jan. 6, 1975.

Now, would you like to spin or buy a vowel?

Just kidding.

To answer your question, L.A.-based talk show personality Susan Stafford was the show's other host. Pat Sajak debuted as host in December 1981 and Vanna White replaced Stafford a year later.

And while we have your attention, here's one you can stump your friends with at your next party. The first letter Vanna ever turned on the Wheel of Fortune puzzleboard was a "t."

In case you're wondering, we found all this information at the Wheel of Fortune web site.

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