Skin layers

Updated July 24, 2020 | Infoplease Staff

The Question:

What are the names of all the layers of skin and what are some of their properties?

The Answer:

Your skin has three main layers:

Epidermis - This is the layer you see. The surface is actually composed of dead skin cells that were made at the bottom of this layer and have risen to the top. This layer is constantly making new skin. It's also making a substance called melanin, which gives your skin its color.

Dermis - You'll find your nerve endings in this layer of skin. These nerve endings work with your brain and nearvous system and allow you to feel things and react to them.Your dermis is also full of blood vessels and home to your oil glands.

Subcutaneous Layer - This layer is made mostly from fat. This fat helps keep you warm and protects your body from damage. It is also where the hair on your body grows from.

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