George Foreman

Updated July 24, 2020 | Infoplease Staff

The Question:

How many sons does the boxer George Foreman have with the name of George? I have heard both seven and eight. Can you find the answer to this question?

The Answer:

Here's the scoop.

George Foreman, who lives in a suburb of Houston, has four daughters and two sons from two of his previous four marriages which all ended in divorce: Michi, Freeda, Natalie and Georgetta plus George Jr. and George the 3rd.

With his current wife he has another daughter and two more boys: Leona and George the 4th and George the 5th.

Final total: 4 sons named George and 1 daughter named Georgetta.

Here is his explanation for naming all his boys George, as told to Jet magazine, "One of the baddest feelings I had was that feeling of not knowing where I came from; what my roots were. I figured that with all of them having that name, they should know where they came from. It's never too late to get some roots."

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