Twin Town

Director: Kevin Allen
Writers: Kevin Allen and Paul Durden
Director of Photography:John Mathieson
Editor:Oral Norrie Ottey
Music:Mark Thomas
Production Designer:Pat Campbell
Producer:Peter McAleese
Gramercy; NR; 99 minutes
Cast:Llyr Evans, Rhys Ifans, Huw Ceredig, Wil-
liam Thomas, Dorien Thomas and Dougray Scott

Twin Town
Paul Chedlow/Gramercy
The Lewis brothers, Julian (Evans) and Jeremy (Ifans), leave no scatological joke untold. But Twin Town is more than a lewd, crude dark comedy; it's also an examination of the tension between the haves and have-nots in Wales. Trailer dwellers Julian and Jeremy are out for blood when their father falls while doing a roofing job, and his boss, contractor Bryn Cartwright (Thomas), refuses to compensate him. The dialect is sometimes incomprehensible, but the Welch curse the same as we do, so the tone is easily understood.
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