Timothy Leary's Dead

Director: Paul Davids
Writers: Paul Davids and Todd Easton Mills
Director of Photography:Paul Helling
Editors:David Wilson and Mark Deimel
Music:Moody Blues, Jimmie Rodgers, Ray
Thomas and others
Producers:Todd Easton Mills and Paul Davids
Strand Releasing; NR; 80 minutes
With:Timothy Leary, Frank DiPaola and Ram Dass

Leary's life was undoubtedly a long, strange trip, but this authorized documentary is a bland, nostalgic hagiography. Friends of Leary affectionately recall their mind-bending adventures with, as labeled by Richard Nixon, “the most dangerous man in America,” and pay tribute to his excesses that helped launch the hippie movement. David's film closes with a shot of Leary's cryogenically frozen head.

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