The Story of Us

Director:Rob Reiner
Writers:Alan Zweibel and Jessie Nelson
Universal; R; 90 minutes
Cast:Michelle Pfeiffer, Bruce Willis, Paul Reiser, Rob Reiner

The thrill and sorrow of romance stem from the fact that it can't be rigged. When Ben and Katie Jordan (Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer) send their children away for summer vacation, they allow their discontent to show and intend to separate for good. This allows director Rob Reiner to flashback to the Seventies, when the couple expressed their happiness by making love on the kitchen table and wearing goofy clothing. Over the years Ben's irreverence conflicted with Katie's professionalism, and now it's boiled down to arguments over windshield-washer fluid.

Willis and Pfeiffer make a good couple, at ease in their actorly affability. Of course, the audience for whom The Story of Us is intended won't be bothered by the fact that the script is as rigid and predictable as the events it voices; this one's for the baby boomers who want the ease of a happy ending after flirting with the fake tension of minor marital derailments.