Director/Writer/Director of Photography: Steven Soderbergh
Editor:Sarah Flack
Music:Cliff Martinez, Joseph Wilkins, Mark Mangini and Harry Garfield
Producer:John Hardy
Northern Arts Entertainment; NR; 96 minutes
Cast:Steven Soderbergh, Betsy Brantley, David Jensen, Eddie Jemison, Scott Allen, Mike Malone and Katherine LaNasa

Soderbergh's latest delve into surrealism (remember Kafka?) makes no great impression, though he is clearly aiming for an esoteric masterpiece comprehensible only to those who followed David Lynch's Lost Highway. The budget was slim, $250,000, but even that should be enough to buy atmosphere and fully drawn characters. Soderbergh plays two parts, Fletcher Munson, a masturbating office geek, and Munson's alter ego, swinging dentist Jeffrey Konchek. Munson writes speeches for the leader of a self-actualization cult, which provides Soderbergh with some satirical fodder. He's trying to make a point here, but who knows what it is.