Men With Guns

Director/Writer/Editor:John Sayles
Director of Photography:Slawomir Idziak
Music:Mason Daring
Production Designer:Felipe Fernandez Del Paso
Producers:R. Paul Miller and Maggie Renzi
Sony Pictures Classics; R; 128 minutes
Cast:Federico Luppi, Damian Delgado, Dan Rivera Gonzalez, Damian Alcazar, Mandy Patinkin, Roberto Sosa and Kathryn Grody
In Spanish with English subtitles

Writer-director John Sayles follows up his 1995 hit Lone Star with a provocative drama – told in Spanish with English subtitles – about a Latin American physician (Federico Luppi) who journeys into the jungle. The journey becomes a sort of Latin American Heart of Darkness as the doctor's encounters with a deserted soldier (Damián Delgado), a fallen priest (Damián Alcázar) and a native boy (Dan Rivera González) turn from magical to frightening.