Maximum Risk

Director:Ringo Lam
Writer:Larry Ferguson
Director of Photography:Alexander Gruszynski
Editor:Bill Pankow
Music:Robert Folk
Production Designer:Steven Spence
Producer:Moshe Diamant
Columbia; R; 126 minutes
Cast:Jean-Claude Van Damme, Natasha Henstridge, Jean-Hugues Anglade, Zach Grenier, Stephane Audran, Frank Senger and Paul Ben-Victor

Usually, one Van Damme is more than enough. So what a surprise when two of him in one film proves thrilling, with much credit owed to superb cinematography and a strong supporting cast. In the opening scene, set in Nice, France, Mikhail (Van Damme) succumbs to the forces chasing him through the labyrinthine streets. French police officer and former sniper Alain (also Van Damme) learns that the victim is his identical twin who was given up for adoption at birth. Alain, risking his own life, follows Mikhail's killers from Nice to Paris to New York and back to Nice in an attempt to learn about his brother's past. Sparks fly between Alain and Mikhail's girlfriend (Henstridge), who mistakes Alain for her lover.

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