Lovesick on Nana Street

Director/Writer: Savi Gabizon
Director of Photography:Yoav Kosh
Editor:Tali Halter Shenkar
Production Designer:Emanuel Amrami
Producers:Anat Assoulin and Savi Gabizon
Lovesick Ltd.; NR; 94 minutes
Cast:Moshe Ivgi, Hannah Azulai Hasfari, Avigail Arieli, Tuvia Gelber and Menashe Noy

This film won the equivalent of eight Academy Awards in Israel. Victor (Ivgi), who runs a pirate radio station in his apartment, is smitten with actress Michaella (Arieli) the moment he sets eyes on her. Though he is essentially a stalker, he's endearing all the same. His pesky habits land him in a mental hospital, where he also takes to the airwaves, broadcasting his tale of romantic obsession and heartbreak. At the institution, he finds a surrogate for Michaella when a fellow patient, Levana (Hasfari), seduces him in the shower. The mental patients are portrayed realistically and with compassion, appearing only slightly more disturbed than the rest of society.

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