love jones

Director/Writer:Theodore Witcher
Director of Photography:Ernest Holzman
Editor:Maysie Hoy
Music:Darryl Jones
Production Designer:Roger Fortune
Producers:Nick Wechsler and Jeremiah Samuels
New Line; R; 110 minutes
Cast:Larenz Tate, Nia Long, Isaiah Washington and Bernadette Clark

A sexy look at 1990s black bohemia through an attractive Chicago couple that meet, drop cultural names and quotes, screw, fight, break up and reunite. Nina Mosley (Long) meets ultra suave Darius Lovehall (Tate) at a beat poetry bar. She knows he's a Lothario but can't help herself when he dedicates an erotic poem to her. No Ebonics, gangsta rap, drive-bys or drugs to be found here, which is a refreshing departure from other all-African-American cast films that romanticize violence and the gangsta culture. These kids care as much about language as they do about love.