Love and Other Catastrophes

Director: Emma-Kate Croghan
Writers: Yael Bergman and Emma-Kate Croghan
Director of Photography:Justin Efthymiou
Editor:Ken Sallows
Music:Oleh Witer
Producer:Justin Efthymiou
Fox Searchlight; R; 80 minutes
Cast:Alice Garner, Frances O'Conner, Matthew Dyktynski, Matt Day, Radha Mitchell, Suzi Dougherty, Kim Gyngell, Suzanne Dowling, Torquil Neilson, Christine Stephen-Daly and Dominic McDonald

Love and Other Catastrophes
Fox Searchlight
Shot on a shoestring budget and in record time by a twentysomething first-time director, Love and Other Catastrophes follows five college students as they cope with crises including a breakup, a $663 library fine, a dead man and an urgent department transfer. Mia (O'Conner) and Alice (Garner) need a third roommate, and Mia's girlfriend, Danni (Mitchell) volunteers, but Mia fears commitment and turns her down, which is the undoing of the relationship. Alice, a perfectionist working on her thesis titled “Doris Day as a Feminist Warrior,” can't find a suitable man, but finds herself attracted to the campus gigolo, Ari (Dyktynski). The real trouble arises when Mia wants to follow her favorite lecturer to a new department but ends up entangled in a bureaucratic nightmare. Spunky acting makes this work as a screwball comedy rather than a failed sitcom.