Lawn Dogs

Director:John Duigan
Writer:Naomi Wallace
Director of Photography:Elliot Davis
Editor:Humphrey Dixon
Production Design:John Myhre
Producer:Duncan Kenworthy
Strand; 101 minutes
Cast:Mischa Barton, Sam Rockwell, Kathleen Quinlan and Christopher McDonald

A precocious small-town ten-year-old girl (Barton) has a crush on the family's lawn boy (Rockwell), who's at least twice her age. Bonded by suburban boredom, the two form an unlikely and endearing friendship. But once their paling-around turns flirtatious, Duigan's film moves dangerously into Lolita territory, and by the time Rockwell has Barton whip off her nightgown, it's hard to believe we're in Kentucky anymore.

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