Late Bloomers

Director: Julia Dyer
Writer: Gretchen Dyer
Director of Photography:Bill Schwarz
Editors:Julia Dyer and Gretchen Dyer
Music:Ted Pine
Production Designer:Mike Dempsey
Producers:Gretchen Dyer, Julia Dyer and Stephen Dyer
Strand Releasing; NR; 104 minutes
Cast:Connie Nelson, Dee Hennigan, Gary Carter, Lisa Peterson and Esteban Powell

Issues abound in this coming-of-age story about two women who find love just as life was about to pass them by. Unfortunately talk-show hysteria surrounds the serious probing. Set in a small Southern town that has the high school as its epicenter, Late Bloomers follows the blossoming relationship of the school's secretary, Carly Lumpkin (Hennigan), and the geometry teacher/basketball coach, Dinah Groshardt (Nelson). Carly leaves her husband and two children to move in with Dinah. Both women are fired after a boisterous PTA meeting at which Bible-waving parents rant and rave about how their children will be contaminated by the lesbians. Carly's 16-year-old daughter Val (Peterson) takes the situation the hardest, with taunts at school and abandonment by her boyfriend.

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