Director: John Pasquin
Writers: Bruce A. Evans and Raynold Gideon
Director of Photography:Tony Pierce-Roberts
Editor:Michael A. Stevenson
Music:Michael Convertino
Production Designer:Stuart Wurtzel
Producer:Brian Reilly
Walt Disney Pictures; PG; 105 minutes
Cast:Tim Allen, Sam Huntington, JoBeth
Williams, Lolita Davidovich, Martin Short and Dominic Keating
Based on the film Un Indien Dans la Ville

A strong cast helps make this a vast improvement over 1996's poorly dubbed Little Indian, Big City, but Jungle2Jungle is not destined for a boffo box office the likes of The Santa Clause. Wall Street commodities trader Michael (Allen) flies to the Amazon to finalize his divorce and finds that he has a son, Mimi (Huntington). The 13-year-old loincloth-clad boy returns to Manhattan with his father and turns heads in predictable fish-out-of-water scenes.