How High

Director:Jesse Dylan
Writer:Dustin Lee Abraham
Universal Pictures; R; 96 minutes
Cast:Method Man, Redman, Obba Babatundé

“Rap's invalidated my ghetto credibility” announced Pharaoh Monche on a recent hit single. With brilliant lines and compelling delivery, Pharaoh doesn't have to worry about hip-hop credibility however, quite unlike Method Man and Redman. These two rappers goof around, Cheech & Chong style, in How High.

The premise is that magic marijuana helps Silas and Jamal (Method and Redman) get accepted at Harvard University, where they overturn the staid proceedings with a dollop of street smarts and the liberating power of THC. The frivolous drug comedy How High is flimsy, sloppy, and much less offensive than your average Eminem song.