Director/Writer:Audrey Wells
Miramax; 104 minutes; R
Cast:Sarah Polley, Stephen Rea, Jean Smart

Guinevere focuses on an inexperienced woman coming under the romantic tutelage of a bohemian photographer twice her age. Not long after Harper (Sarah Polley) meets Connie (Stephen Rea) at her sister's wedding, she moves into his loft and consents to being called Guinevere—a name, she later discovers, Connie calls all the younger women he compulsively dates. As Harper gains strength with Connie's encouragement, she begins to view the man more accurately, seeing his dependencies, neediness, and flaws.

Solid acting and a decent script give the couple depth, believability, and pathos. The movie has a propensity to slip into silliness (such as the two dancing through San Francisco in a musical interlude) but performs best when wearing a straight face.

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