Director/Writer:Vondie Curtis Hall
Director of Photography:Bill Pope
Editor:Christopher Koefoed
Music:Stewart Copeland
Production Designer:Dan Bishop
Producers:Damian Jones, Paul Webster and Erica Huggins
Gramercy; R; 90 minutes
Cast:Tupac Shakur, Tim Roth and Thandie Newton

Nicola Goode/Gramercy

It's going to be hard to forget Shakur's eerily prophetic line in Gridlock'd: “Ever feel like your luck's running out, man? Lately I feel like my luck's been running out.” Unfortunately, his luck did run out, and we will never witness Shakur's growth as an actor. When their bandmate, Cookie (Newton), overdoses on New Year's Eve, junkies Spoon (Shakur) and Stretch (Roth) resolve to come clean. Usually, admitting addiction is the hardest part in the recovery process, but Spoon's and Stretch's efforts to turn around lead only to red tape and bureaucratic hell. One detox center turns them away because they aren't on welfare and therefore don't qualify for Medicaid. Another tells them they have to wait six weeks. True grit.