Fly Away Home

Director:Carroll Ballard
Writers:Robert Rodat and Vince McKewin
Director of Photography:Caleb Deschanel
Editor:Nicholas C. Smith
Music:Mark Isham
Production Designer:Seamus Flannery
Producers:John Veitch and Carol Baum
Columbia; PG; 110 minutes
Cast:Anna Paquin, Jeff Daniels, Dana Delany and Terry Kinney
Based on Bill Lishman's autobiography

Fly Away Home
Takashi Seida/Columbia Pictures

Touching, beautiful family fare that is sentimental without being treacly. Transported to rural Ontario from New Zealand after her mother dies in a car accident, Amy Alden (Paquin) reunites with her eccentric sculptor/inventor father, Thomas Alden (Daniels). Amy finds an outlet for her grief when a development project threatens the nesting place of Canadian geese. She rescues the eggs and tends to them until they hatch, finding resourceful ways to incubate them. When the eggs hatch and produce healthy geese, Amy and her father realize that the birds will need help flying south for the winter. Thomas designs an ultralight plane so Amy can lead the journey. Off they go on an enchanting adventure.

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