Extreme Measures

Director:Michael Apted
Writer:Tony Gilroy
Director of Photography:John Bailey
Editor:Rick Shaine
Music:Danny Elfman
Production Designer:Doug Kraner
Producer:Elizabeth Hurley
Castle Rock; R; 117 minutes
Cast:Hugh Grant, Gene Hackman, Sarah Jessica Parker, David Morse, Bill Nunn, David Cronenberg and John Toles-Bey

Grant has shed his stumbling, bumbling screen persona to play Dr. Guy Luthan, an intelligent, dedicated neurologist who suspects foul play when he treats a homeless man with odd maladies. When Luthan reports his suspicions to his superior, he is ordered to drop the issue. He doesn't, and the trail leads to Dr. Laurence Myrick (Hackman), a Nobel Prize-winning physician who is using the homeless in deadly experiments. It's refreshing to see Grant test his acting range a bit.