The Chemical Brothers


  • Astralwerks

They were one of the most dynamic acts at Woodstock '99, as The Chemical Brothers continue to prove that they can take ambient, house, and techno music far beyond its club roots and straight to the masses.

The English DJ duo of Ed Simons and Tom Rowlands gave the world the hit single “Block Rockin' Beats” in 1997. This time out they raise the bar a whole lot higher. “Surrender” is filled with sonic splendor, hypnotic rhythms and an expansive approach to song structures.

So while the set starts with the traditional techno blast of “Music: Response,” the Chemicals soon delve deep into wilder terrain, like the hallucinatory “Asleep from Day” or the psychedelic-styled Beatle homage “Let Forever Be” — complete with vocals courtesy of Beatle wannabe Noel Gallagher of Oasis. Other tracks like the scorching single “Hey Boy Hey Girl” and the swirling, lush finale “Dream On” add further strength to this futuristic gem.

Kevin O'Hare