The Voices of National Public Radio — What Do They Look Like?

The voices of NPR have inspired, informed and charmed many of us, becoming as welcome and reassuring as family members. Now you have a face to go with the voice.

Robert Siegel, Linda Wertheimer and Noah Adams
Hosts, All Things Considered

Maria Hinojosa
Host, Latino USA

Terry Gross
Host, Fresh Air

NPR interviewer Terry Gross

Cokie Roberts
Senior News Analyst

Bob Edwards
Host, Morning Edition

NPR Host Bob Edwards

Scott Simon
Host, Weekend Edition

Nina Totenberg
Legal Affairs Correspondent

Susan Stamberg
Legal Affairs Correspondent

Daniel Zwerdling
Weekend Host, All Things Considered

Ray Suarez
Host, Talk of the Nation

NPR Host Ray Suarez

Ann Taylor

Corey Flintoff

Tom and Ray Magliozzi
Hosts, Car Talk

NPR Hosts Tom & Ray Magliazi

Sylvia Poggioli
Foreign Correspondent

Daniel Schorr
Senior News Analyst

Alex Chadwick
Correspondent, Morning Edition

Vertamae Grosvenor
Correspondent, Cultural Desk

Carl Kasell
Newscaster, Morning Edition

Neal Conan
Host, Weekly Edition: The Best of NPR News

Korva Coleman

Alex Jones
Host, On the Media