13 Feng Shui Tips

Updated August 5, 2020 | Infoplease Staff

Some suggestions for harmonizing where you live

by David Johnson

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While a feng shui master, or geomancer, would need to analyze a specific problem for a proper diagnosis, some basic tips can be followed to keep your house in balance.

  1. Energy, qi, (pronounced "chee"), should flow freely through your home, entering through the front door and exiting out the back. Clutter, sharp angles, nooks and crannies, and storage areas can slow down energy, causing it to stagnate and become unhealthful.
  2. Energy should not disappear so quickly it has no time to do any good, so if your front door has an unimpeded view to the back door, consider blocking it with screens.
  3. Busy streets, train tracks, and airplane flight paths all generate energy that may move too fast to enter your home. A wall, trees, shrubbery, and hanging plants are often used to slow down or to screen out fast-moving or negative energy. A weathervane or water, such as a fountain in the front of the house, might also help.
  4. Intersections create lots of qi. If your front door is not well situated, it could become bombarded with energy, making relaxation impossible. A mirror on the front of the house can deflect energy.
  5. Balance is a cornerstone of happiness and good design. Everything from exterior lamp poles to inside decorations might need balancing to generate harmonious energy.
  6. Sharp, jutting angles need to be softened by placing plants or statues in front.
  7. Furniture in the living room should facilitate movement and conversation. Since the living room is a yang area, consider adding yin influences with plants, soft cushions, and perhaps a fish tank.
  8. The foot of a bed should not be in a direct line to the door since in ancient China the dead were laid with their feet toward the door of the death house for easier access to heaven.
  9. Mirrors should not face a bed because the spirit leaves the body in the night and might get upset at seeing its reflection, causing a disturbed sleep.
  10. Round dining room tables are best since the circle symbolized heavenly blessings. Dining room chairs should be of an even number and should be comfortable. Décor should be simple so as not to distract from the food.
  11. Food represents wealth to the Chinese, and therefore the kitchens can generate general happiness. Kitchens should be balanced because of the presence of two major elements—fire, with its yang energy, and water, which is a yin force.
  12. The bathroom is the most yin room in the house because of the presence of water. Yang elements, such as bright colors or candles may be added.
  13. Gardens create a pleasant view. They should contain balance and have a natural look. Flowering plants will bring good luck.

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